Guarden Gnome causing mass destruction.

Guarden Gnome is a Professional Lawn Gnome Gamer who usually joins Jacsebalon on his adventures into the world of MineZ. He can usually be seen in full iron armor wielding a diamond sword. A good way to spot Guarden Gnome in a crowd is to look for his Minecon cape.

Guarden Gnome used to stream snipe Jacsebalon in order to achieve one of the three achievements associated with him. After two of them were removed from the gamemode, these attacks stopped and he sought to protect Jacsebalon.

Besides playing MineZ, GuardenGnome also plays many different games such as Killing Floor, Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. He also has a Youtube Channel that has many uploads of various gameplay from many popular game titles.

Remember, if you step on a Gnome's lawn, you better be prepared to defend yourself because shit will hit the fan!