Patrick "Deathbarrage" Carrington is some other douche in jacsabelons chat He is second to Crackhead, AKA NoneStar his shitlord. Mostly known for demanding jacs attention and affection. In his spare time Henry plays league of legends on eu west as Big Bad Kenyon and Big Bad Smith which are 1421 and 1800 elo support and junglers respectively. Although not the best minecraft player in the world Death will always appear wherever jac is, sometimes killing hiself over 20 times to spawn near jac. Henry is also on an mma team in which he fights, using a variety of different styles primeraly shoving his vagina into peoples faces.


Deathbarrages Hand

He was once involved in a fight in which his hand got infected and had to be operated on 5 times during a months span in hospital which has left him with a sperm shaped scar that he got from giving a handjob to a doctor. Patrick has also been declared the english rastama by everyone he meets due to his thirst for sexually transmitted diseases and need for MLP.

He is also very famous for his amazing handjobs , which is actually where he g
The english muscles glasses

Henry doing his muscles glasses pose

ot his sperm-shaped scar from. He is known internationally by his alias, spermhand, and charges top dollar for his services.

Spermhand enjoys roses, shoving his crotch into peoples faces while screaming "MARRY ME", and watching the sperm dribble off his fingertips.